Events and Schedule

Lainey organizes a number of events in NYC for lindy hop and balboa dancing.  She also travels for teaching, competing, performing, and learning.

Weekly, Monthly, and Annual Events Organized by Lainey


White Heat and Balboa Practice

On the last Tuesday of every month, Lainey and You Should Be Dancing! Studios host "White Heat," featuring live music, DJs, and the boozy Bal Bar! This is a place where balboa fans and lindy hoppers get together to celebrate our fantastic NYC dance community.

WHITE HEAT — Last Tuesday Night of the month at Club 412 from 9:30pm-12:00am! Live Music! Bal Bar! Dancing!

Location: Club 412 (412 8th Ave at 31st St, 4th floor)

In addition to monthly White Heat parties, we have Weekly Tuesday Balboa Practice from 9:30-11:30pm featuring balboa DJs. 

save the date Bal Week 2019.jpg

Bal Week 

Every Spring, NYC hosts an action-packed week of balboa dancing, one of a kind live music, and contests reminiscent of the "bal week" spring break tradition of the 1930s in Balboa Beach, CA.

Join us for seven nights of dancing, weekend workshops taught by world class instructors, and dancers from around the world. Experience the New York Balboa scene at its finest.

April 29-May 5, 2019

Event Schedule


April 29-May 5: Bal Week - NY, NY

May 17-20: Swing-Out Edmonton - Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

June 7-9: Camino de Swingtiago - Spain

I’m heading to Spain in June! Then, I’m in SE Asia for most of 2019/2020! Catch me in Singapore after August 24th!