NYC Classes


All group classes are taught at You Should Be Dancing!

412 8th Ave, 4th floor, New York, NY 10036
To schedule any private lessons, please call (212) 244-0011 and request Lainey Silver.  

Group Class Schedule

Tuesdays 7:30 pm: Balboa: Bal Swing & Shuffles (Pre-Intermediate/Intermediate) 
Add some fancy moves to your repertoire! We'll work on arm-patterns, multiple turns, styling, and fancy footwork.  Continue to perfect your shuffle with techniques and exercises.  Let’s keep growing our NYC balboa scene!

Tuesdays 8:30 pm: Balboa Foundations (Beginner +) 
This fun dance originated in Southern California in the 1930s and now has a cult following among jazz dance aficionados. Learn how to do the up-hold basic, down-hold basic, come around, toss-out, lollies, out-and-ins, and more! If you already know your basics, come to class to brush up on your technique and smooth out your transitions. Rotating monthly topics.

Thursdays 6:30 pm: Swing Dance Foundations (Beginner) 
Level 1
For Students with no prior knowledge or background in Lindy Hop / Swing. This class is an introduction to the look and feel of social swing dancing. This course is intended to provide instruction and repetition of the basic 6-count patterns that form the structure of this dance. Students should take this course for at least two months before moving on.

Thursdays 8:30 pm:  Lindy Hop: Intro to 8-Count (Intermediate)
Level 3 / Pre-Requisite: 3-4 months of Advanced Basics
This class introduces 8-count patterns—the basis for more complicated swing dancing. We'll cover swingouts, 8-count turns, styling, and connection. Additional topics include how to know if the movement is 6 or 8 counts, fun ways to change the 8 count footwork, and basic charleston patterns and transitions. This is a 3-month course that you can jump in and start at any month. 

Workshops at YSBD...!

Balboa Footwork Frenzy
Tuesday, May 29th
Level: Intermediate and Advanced
Unlock the secrets of fancy feet to make your basic moves shine. Lainey will teach her favorite footwork variations and rhythms that are doable on the dance floor. We’ll explore how to create space, find space, and use space for variations. We’ll spend the first hour on pure bal footwork with the 2nd hour focusing on bal-swing.

Lindy Hop: Patterns for the Social Floor 
Thursday, May 31st
7-9 pm
Level: Intermediate Advanced/Advanced (Must be comfortable with a swingout) 
Expand your vocabulary for the social dance floor. Learn how to lead or follow more complicated footwork changes, multiple turns, surprising transitions. We'll elevate your energy flow, line awareness, and connection to impress your partners. 

Swing Crash Course for Beginner Dancers with Elena and Lainey
Sunday, June 3
12 pm-3:30 pm
Learn basic swing figures, patterns, and rhythms of swing dancing. We'll get you moving to the music in a jiffy!