Based out of New York City, Lainey Silver is a globetrotting jazz era dancer, performer, choreographer, DJ, and vintage fashionista. She specializes in Jazz Era dancing including lindy hop, charleston, balboa, shag, drag blues, slow dance, and solo jazz. Lainey currently teaches weekly group classes and private lessons at You Should Be Dancing! Studios in Midtown, Manhattan. She also hosts dance events such as Tuesday night balboa and White Heat. Previous teaching credits include Dance Manhattan and Harlem Swings.

Lainey encourages her students to embrace the history of jazz dance while supporting the growth of modern lindy hop. She emphasizes connection to your partner, solid fundamentals, proper body mechanics, and movement inspired by the feel of the music.

Her mission: To help you find your own voice and creativity on the dance floor while building body awareness skills.

Lainey has performed in several classic New York City venues including: Carnegie Hall, Lincoln Center's "Midsummer Night Swing," the Rainbow Room, and the Edison Ballroom. She's also performed in numerous groups including: Gatsby Entertainment and The Lindy Hop All-Stars. In 2016, she was a featured principal dancer in the Danny Strong film "Rebel in the Rye." 


Group Lessons:

Lainey teaches group lessons, private lessons, and workshops at You Should Be Dancing...! 

Private Lessons:

Please contact Lainey to schedule a private lesson.   

Weekend Workshops:

Will travel to dance!  Contact Lainey for rates and availability.  


Lainey is available for solo, couple, or ensemble event performances. She can perform to a live band or with her own music.

Event Organization

Lainey runs a number or local events on a weekly, monthly, and annual basis.

DJ Lainey

Lainey has an in-depth knowledge of 1930s swing, big band music, 1920s jazz, and charleston music. She regularly DJs at Frim Fram JamWhite Heat, YSBD's Balboa Practice, Prohibition Productions, and Dances of Vice. Book her for a your next gig.


Hire Lainey for modeling, styling, and acting for a Jazz Era vintage fashion flare.  

Drab to Dreamy! Vintage Hair and Makeup Classes

Go from drab to dreamy with Lainey's vintage hairstyling and makeup classes, offering a full range of styles from the 1920s through the 1940s.  Contact her to set-up a custom class where you will learn how to create fancy styles.  Hair and makeup classes can be offered as a package or separately.  Hair styles include finger waves, pin-curls, victory rolls, easy up-dos, and five minutes to fabulous!


"Lainey is the "bee's knees." Enthusiastic, patient and committed to the swing era.  My wife and I have been taking lessons from Lainey for two years and we couldn't be happier."
-Joe O.

"Lainey is the best!!!!  She is a great dancer and teacher and always finds a way to help us learn that new step! Also, she is so upbeat and full of energy. We love her."
-Ellen O.

"Lainey Silver is a brilliant swing dance instructor! We've been her students in private and group lessons for over 5 years, for East Coast Swing, Lindy Hop, Charleston, and Blues dancing. She taught us everything from basic and advanced steps, posture and connection, and essential skills for leaders and followers, to how to use the music, move fluidly, syncopate, and improvise. Her friendly, enthusiastic, and encouraging approach makes lessons a joy! She is very gifted at identifying problems with movement and customizing how to correct and improve them. She can teach both leaders and followers equally well. Now, we get videotaped when we dance! Lainey is the most amazing swing teacher ever!"
-Mary and Alan M.

"Lainey is a gifted teacher. I learn more in one lesson with her than I could going to class for a month. She's super positive but she also challenges me. She's that rare combination of patient educator and awesome performer. I know I'm in good hands!"
-Anya W.

Dance Competition Awards


  • 3rd Place: California Balboa Classic with Mickey Fortanasce 


  • 1st Place: Midwest Lindyfest Invitational Jack and Jill with Ryan Calloway
  • 3rd Place: Great Lakes Balboa Escape Slow Balboa with Joe Pangburn
  • 3rd Place: Great Lakes Balboa Escape Balboa Shuffle
  • Finalist: LindyFest All-Star Jack and Jill
  • Finalist: LindyFest Open Balboa Jack and Jill
  • Finalist: All Balboa Weekend Open Mix and Match


  • 1st Place: LindyFest Open Balboa Jack and Jill with Andrew Muñoz
  • 2nd Place: Amateur ACBC at All Balboa Weekend with Rafal Pustelny
  • 3rd Place: Intergalactic Balboa Championships at All Balboa Weekend w/ Freddie Karlbom 
  • 4th Place: LindyFest All-Star Jack and Jill with Rafal Pustelny
  • 4th Place: Balboa Strictly at Balboa Castle Camp with Patrick Austen


  • 1st Place: Lonestar Championships at LindyFest Open Balboa Jack and Jill with Patrick Ye
  • 1st Place: Amateur Balboa Couples at Music City Shuffle with Andy Yong
  • 2nd Place: Lindy Focus Underground Championships Balboa Edition with Andy Yong
  • Finalist: Lonestar Championships at LindyFest All-Star Jack and Jill
  • Finalist: Lonestar Championships at LindyFest All-Star Strictly with Dan Newsome
  • Finalist: Balboa Strictly at International Lindy Hop Championships with Dan Newsome
  • Semi-Finalist: Amateur Balboa Jack and Jill at All Balboa Weekend


  • 1st Place: Ultimate Lindy Hop Showdown (ULHS) Slow Dance with Dan Newsome
  • 1st Place: Nevermore Jazz Ball Challenge with Dan Newsome
  • 2nd Place: Lone Star Championship Open Balboa Jack and Jill with Dan Newsome
  • 2nd Place: Lindy On The Rocks Blues with Dan Newsome
  • 3rd Place: Midwest Lindyfest Advanced Strictly with Dan Newsome
  • 3rd Place: Lindy On The Rocks Jack and Jill with Alex Parker
  • 3rd Place: Nevermore Jazz Ball Barrelhousing Blues with Dan Newsome
  • 5th Place: Lone Star Championship All-Star Strictly with Dan Newsome
  • 5th Place: Boston Tea Party Lindy Hop Advanced Jack and Jill with Lee Chauncey Tucker
  • Finalist: Boston Tea Party Lindy Hop Advanced Strictly with Dan Newsome
  • Finalist: Ultimate Lindy Hop Showdown (ULHS) Jack and Jill with Alain Fragman
  • Finalist: Nevermore Jazz Ball Jack and Jill


  • 1st Place: Miss Camp Hollywood pin-up contest
  • 1st Place: Lindy Focus Team "Four Corners" (Choreo by Jon Tigert/Jenna Applegarth)
  • 2nd Place: ILHC Advanced Jack and Jill with Pontus Spelmans
  • 3rd Place: Lindy Focus Short Showcase with Dan Newsome
  • 5th Place: ILHC Showcase with Dan Newsome
  • Finalist: ULHS Slow Dance with Dan Newsome
  • Finalist: Lone Star Championship All-Star Strictly with Dan Newsome
  • Finalist: Camp Hollywood Advanced Jack and Jill


  • 1st Place: Gypsy Jam Jack and Jill with Milson Saidl
  • 2nd Place: Empire City Swing Jitterbug Championships Strictly with Adam Lee


  • 1st Place:'s Y12A Strictly Lindy Contest with Adam Lee


  • 2nd Place: ALHC College Team Division "Columbia's Roarin' Rhythm"
  • 5th Place: ALHC Open Jack and Jill with Robert Morisset