World Tour


I’m heading to Spain in June! Next, I’m touring Southeast Asia for most of 2019/2020 before going to Australia and New Zealand!

I have plans to visit Singapore, Malaysia, Cambodia, Laos, Thailand, Indonesia, Vietnam, Australia, and New Zealand. I would LOVE to teach in your dance scene!

Catch me in Singapore after August 24th!


Singapore August 24-September 6

  • August 26 and September 2, Lindy Hop SG with Desmond Koh

  • September 1, Balboa Workshops with Hong Wee

Kuala Lampur, Malaysia September 13-25

  • September 19 - Balboa in KL

Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam September 27-October 7

Bangkok and Chiang Mai, Thailand October

  • TBA

Melbourne, Australia March 2020

What I do best:

Class types:
Workshops, special group classes, private lessons, dance studio residency

Class Topics:
Lindy hop (all levels), Balboa (all levels), follower focus workshops (any style), solo jazz, musicality, body awareness and self-care, stretch and strengthen, injury prevention, teacher training, scene building, Frankie Manning inspiration, Dawn Hampton inspiration.

I love serious technique classes and body movement. I also love being super silly and getting everyone moving to the music.

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I began my tour in Spain with the Camino De Swingtiago. Check out my recap!

Where will I go next?