Events and Traveling: Taking Care of Your Body for Lindy Hoppers (part 2)

It’s the time of year when dancers take flight and escape their normal lives to attend numerous events.  It’s really easy to run ourselves ragged over a long weekend and stumble into work feeling seriously swungover.  Like clockwork, I used to get a very bad cold either at an event or in the days afterward.  In last half year, I’ve been making lifestyle changes to better take care of myself and prevent future injuries. In addition, I've significantly decreased the amount of times I've been sick (fingers crossed).  I wanted to share some of the things that I’ve done that have helped prevent sickness, increased my energy, and helped my body run at maximum efficiency during a long dance week or weekend.  

Taking Care of Your Body for Lindy Hoppers

Lindy hop is a very athletic dance. We dance our best and have long nights of social dancing when our bodies are at their peak performance levels. Unfortunately, we don’t have a lot of standards and guidelines that teach us how to best take care of ourselves. It’s the nature of our dance, a creation from the street with more emphasis on the social aspects. By taking better care of our muscles, joints, and diet, we can become stronger individuals and better partner dancers.